X-ray Machines

X-rays Machines at Smile Signature Thailand Dental

X-ray Machines

X-ray Machines and Film Processor

Smile Signature thailand dental clinics are fully equipped with its own x-ray machines and film processor. This enables our dental thailand patients to get their dental diagnoses results instantly and treatment plan drawn up effectively in one visit.
- 3D CT Scan
- Paromamic X-rays & Cephalometric X-ray Machine
- Intra-oral X-ray Machines
- Film Developer

Panoramic X-ray and Cephalometric X-ray Machines

As dentistry has advanced beyond basic care into new areas such as implantology, cosmetics, and other treatments of the entire dento-maxillo-facial complex, so too must the diagnostic tools keep pace with the need for a higher quality of general and specific information at our dental thailand clinics.

Our dental thailand clinic is equipped with the new Orthoralix 9200 X-ray system from Gendex. The Orthoralix 9200 X-ray system has programs that allows configuring the system to the actual dental diagnostic requirements for radiological examinations over the whole maxillo-facial structure. It is a professional tool designed to provide a complete set of pre- and post-operative examinations giving the wide range of radiographic views.

Intraoral X-ray Machines

Our dental thailand clinics have intraoral x-ray machines that provide simple and fast slide x-rays that enables our dental thailand dental specialists to make the proper diagnoses for our dental thailand patients.

All intra-oral x-ray machine selected at our dental thailand clinics are equipped with beam limiting device and/or a dual collimation system that eliminates the formation of secondary rays in the primary beam, avoiding any unnecessary exposure to the patient thus minimizing health risks.

The above mentioned intra oral x-rays have an accidental activation blocking mechanism prevents consecutive shooting, eliminating unnecessary exposure to radiation and overheating.

Film Processor

At Smile Signature dental thailand clinics, most offices uses digital dental x-ray machines. In cases whereby patients opt for conventional dental x-ray machines for oral diagnosis, Film Processor at our dental thailand clinic are used to develop analogue dental x-ray films including panoramic x-rays or intraoral x-rays so that our patients get their results during the same dental diagnoses visit.

The Processor is a closed chemical system, sealing both wash water and chemistry. It processes analogue intraoral x-rays, panoramic x-rays and cephalometric x-rays films.

Temperature, time and film drying are fully automatic allowing for quality x-ray film processing.