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Fees : Promotions 3M Lava Crowns

3M Lava Crowns Signature Packages

The 3M ESPE Lava Zirconia uses computerized CAM/CAD system in designing and milling its aesthetic and high strength all ceramic crowns. Our thailand dental clinic's Lava Crowns Signature Packages at affordable fees.

3M Lava Crowns

Promotion Price


Thai Baht

1 to 5 Crowns

up to 32%off
Above 6 Crowns
up to 34% off

Dental price are subject to changes without prior notice. Treatment dental fees with indicated ranges varies with case complexity. Australian dental prices are simply estimates using exchange rate of AUD1 = THB32.

Lava Crowns promotion are applicable now till 30th December 2015


The 3M Lava Zirconia Dental Lab in Thailand

Smile Signature has a dedicated 3M Lava Zirconia Crowns and Bridge Lab for its thailand dental clinics. Smile Signaure's dedicated 3M Lava Zirconia Lab dental lab is one of the two labs in Thailand with the digitalized 3M Lava Scan ST and Lava Design Software System Platform.

The new Lava™ Scan ST consists of one of the fastest high-quality scanner on the market. The scanner digitalized teeth impressions on the computer screen. Thereafter based on Lava Design Software System Platform, crowns and bridges are designed. Color, shades, transluency and contour are specified on screen.

3M Lava MillingThe completed crown design is then seamlessly transferred to the Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine. The 3M Lava Milling machine then mills the raw zirconia blocks into the specified crowns. The 3M Lava Scan ST and Lava Design Software System allows full control of the final all cearmic crown restoration from design through milling, shading and sintering to full-contour and veneering. The Lava CNC 500 Milling System is able to run for 76 hours straight.


Zirconia Smart Ceramic Crowns by 3M ESPE Lava

Ceramic restorations were once limited to be placed only at front teeth in single units. With the introduction of 3M Lava Zirconia as an advanced all ceramic dental material as well as modern computerized CAD/CAM technology has made it possible to have multi-unit all ceramic crown restorations to now be placed in both anterior and posterior regions.

With over 10 years, 100 studies and millions of Lava cases done world wide, studies conducted on 3M Lava Zirconia Crowns, statistical reports show that Lava Zirconia crowns have a lower facture rate compared to porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM crowns) with backup studies by Stanley Okon Dental Laboratory showing a very high performance rate of 99.3%.

There are types of zirconia crowns and bridges, these zirconia materials may be chemically similar but not necessarily the same. Color, strength, long-term stability, transluency and marginal visit are determined by factors outside of chemistry influence. Powder, pressing conditions, pre-sintering, coloring by the technician affects the final result and can exhibit different mechanical and optical characteristics. At Smile Signature, our dental clinic has a dedicated dental lab that utilizes the new Lava™ Design System, consisting of Lava™ Scan ST and the new Lava™ Design Software 7 Platform in digitalizing and enabling consistent quality all ceramic crowns and bridges to be made.

See our Dental Makeover Smile Gallery at Smile Siganture dental clinics.

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