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Smile Signature dental clinics provide dental services including dental veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants,white fillings replacements, teeth whitening, general dentistry and braces dental treatments.

Our dental clinic specializes in cosmetic dental makeovers and dental implants. See our Smile Gallery and Dental Implant Gallery.

  Thailand Dental Clinics

Smile Signature dental clinics are part of a dental chain in Bangkok providing clean and affordable dental services following uniform sterilization protocols and consistent process guidelines.

Smile Signature dental clinics has a team of highly skilled dentists, amongst which are American board orthodontist and Americn board prosthodontist.

  Smile Signature in Bangkok

Smile Signature at Siam Square is located in Bangkok's city center shopping area at Siam Square (Sukhumvit). Directly opposite MBK and within walking distance from Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon Malls, our city office is easily accessible by BTS.

Smile Signature Siam Square caters to local expatriates and oversea patients with international patient services and English speaking staff.


Smile Signature at
Smile Signature
at Siam Square
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Smile Signature at
Smile Signature at
Srinagarindra (Seacon Square)
Phuket Smile Signature at
Patong Beach , Phuket


  Dental Services  

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Let's Smile Signature Care Program

Scaling, Cleaning and Polishing with Airflow at ONLY 2,000 Baht

AirflowTeeth cleaning at your dentist may be a daunting tasks even through we know professional teeth cleaning is recommended to keep good oral health. Smile Signature's Care Program offers a comprehensive teeth cleaning program for Teeth Clean, Scale, Polish & Airflow at 2,000 Baht.

FREE Dental Checkup

Oral checks made by your certified dentists help prevent and detect tooth issues. Smile Signature offers a Smile Signature Care Program on having a FREE Checkup

Featured Video Testimonials
Mr. Andrew Gannan Ms. Elle Barry Mr. Christopher Quintana
Crowns and Veneers
from Australia
Dental Veneers
from Australia
dental implants
from USA.

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Feature Patient Testimonials
Mr.Callum Richard John Mr.Erik Nils Elleerth-Stein Mr.Whare Tuluwhenua Mrs.Nga Whatmuogh

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Smile Signature Dental Implants Program

Single Dental Implant Package Implants at 60,000 Baht
- 1st Stage Implant Post 35,000 Baht
- 2nd Stage Abutment and Prosthetic 25,000 Bahts

Smile Signature's team of qualified implantologists has placed thousands of dental implants ranging for single to full jaw replacement improving the quality of life.

All-on-4™ and Mini-Implant with Overdentures
- 4 Mini Implants with Overdentures : 80,000 Baht
- 6 Mini Implants with Overdentures : 120,000 Baht

Advancement in dental implant techniques and technologies now enables poor prognoses teeth to be restored with almost immediate function and easily. Smile Signatures implants with overdentures are affordable options and improvie confidence level of individuals that has put off restoring damaged teeth long periods of time.

Case 1: No Teeth Upper & Lower Jaw
Case 2 : Poor Prognoses on Lower Teeth
Before : Upper & Lower Teeth
After : All-on-5
Before : Lower Teeth
After : All-on-4
Case 3: No Upper Teeth
Case 4: Poor Prognoses on Upper Teeth
Before : Upper Teeth
After : All-on-5
Before : Upper Teeth
After : All-on-5

Let's Smile Makeover Signature Program

IPS Empress

Natural-looking All Ceramic IPS Veneers
- IPS Empress Esthetics 10,500-11,000 Baht

IPS Empress Veneers is one of the most popular & natural-looking porcelain veneers in cosmetic dentistry that re-shapes, re-size irregularies and color shade in teeth.

Restorative Dental Crowns
- All Porcelain 3M Lava Crowns (no metal) : 17,000-16,500 Baht
- PFM Standard Crowns: start at 9,000 Baht

Advancement in dental implant techniques and technologies now enables poor prognosses teeth to be restored with almost immediate function and easily. Smile Signatures implants with overdentures are affordable options and improvie confidence level of individuals that has put off restoring damaged teeth long periods of time.

Case 1: Attrition Short Teeth
Case 2 : Missing Gaps & Decay Calculus Teeth
After : Full Mouth Crowns
After : Bridge & Crowns
Case 3: Decay in Teeth
Case 4: Yellowish and mildly misalign
After : Veneers & Crowns
After : Porcelain Veneers

 Dental Sterilization

Dental SterilizationHigh standards of sterilization and cleaniness are maintained at our dental clinic.

Our thailand dental clinics follows international sterilization standards and uses chemical test indicators to check our sterilization efforts.

All our instruments are autoclaved, individually vaccumed packed and dated for your safety.

 Standardized Dental Fees

Dental FeesSmile Signature dental clinics has a standard price policy for its dental treatments. There are no hidden sterilization, taxes or facilities surcharges.

Our dental clinics does not discriminate pricings between our local and foreign patients. You have peace of mind that the cost charged is simply for the treatment received.

 Dental Technologies

Dental TechnologiesOur thailand dental clinics are equipped with modern dental uits and technological equipments. Smile Signature has a dedicated chain based dental laboratories for their all ceramic crowns, bridge and veneers.

Advance dental technologies and techniques at Smile Signature include digital panoramic x-rays, laser systems, titanium dental implants, all porcelain dental bridges and dental crowns.


Advance Dental Technologies


Cercon Zirconia Crowns

All Ceramic Cercon crowns are strong medical-quality ceramics that provides natural luminescent qualities allowing light and color to pass through like no metal-based crown and bridge ever could.

IPS e.Max Crowns and Veneers

The latest e.Max ceramics has added properties retaining the natural aesthetics of the original IPS Empress system but with added strength. The all ceramic IPS Empress restoration may be done for crowns and veneers for a natural looking smile.

One Day Dental Implants

Immediate function dental implants may now be done with advances in dental implants technologies, materials and techniques whereby a new tooth implant is placed immediately after teeth extraction. Apply to cases without contra-indications and good bone conditions.


Roxolid SLActive Implants - The New Implant DNA Material

Smile Signature offers the new Roxolid SLActive Implants. The new Roxolid material combined with SLActive enables high strength with excellent osseointegration with small diameter implants and better aesthetics.

Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants

All-on-4™, All-on-6™ and zygoma dental implant concepts are solutions developed to maximize use of available bone allowing for immediate function for full arch reconstruction cases. A new set of teeth are thus obtained in one trip in Thailand.

SLActive One Day Implant & Bone Level Implants

The latest breakthrough on osseoconductive surface SLActive dental implant system now allows shortened implant treatment timings. Bone level implants enables improved aesthetics at the soft tissue area.

Promax Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric X-rays Machine

The Plamaneca Promax X-rays system enables radiological examinations for over the whole maxillo-facial structure at low dose radiation levels compared to conventional film typed x-rays.


Lumineers by Cerinate

Lumineers are ultra-thin, safe and painless porcelain dental veneers. Lumineers is a quick and easy process transforming your smile to your desired white color shades permanently. Done in 2 to 3 visits, Lumineers may be placed on without shots and with minimal or no tooth preparation.

STb Lingual

STb Light Lingual Braces

STb Lingual braces are attached to the inside or lingual side of the teeth to allow tooth movements to be carried out while making them completely non-visible. The new STb Light lingual braces uses smaller lingual brackets for increased comfort.


Dentists Accreditations
  American Board Dentist  
  ITI Dentists  
  American Board Dentists  


Smile Signature Dental Clinics
Smile Signature at Ratchadaphisek
257/26 Ratchadapisek Rd
The Wiz Ratchada
Din Deang District
Bangkok 10400
Tel 02 693 6933
Mobile 083 095 0218
Map of Ratchadaphisek (EN)
Smile Signature at Siam Square
205/2-3 Phyathai Rd.
Pratuwan District
Bangkok 10330
Tel 02-658-4500
Tel 02-658-4774
Mobile 083-095-0219
Map of Siam Square (EN)
Smile Signature at Srinakarin
Seacon Square Mall,
Level 3 Room No.3017,
opposite Robinson
55 Srinakarin Road
Nongbon, Prawet
Bangkok 10250
Tel: 02-721-9100
Tel: 02-721-9101
Mobile: 091 770 9689
Map of Srinakarin (EN)
Smile Signature at

358 Ramintra Rd.
Bueng Kum District
Bangkok 10220
Tel 02-943-5858
Tel 02-943-2955
Mobile 091-770-9688
Map of Ramintra (EN)
Smile Signature at Phahonyothin
1701/12 Phahonyothin Rd
Chatuchak District
Bangkok 10900
Tel 02-930-1812
Tel 02-930-1144
Map of Phahonyothin (EN)

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Dental Clinic in Bangkok specailizes in dental implant, cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening. Located in central Bangkok at Siam Sqaure, Thailand. Dental services include cosmetic dental veneers, dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, lumineers, root canal treatment and braces by Thailand dentist.
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